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Creative Problem Solving

Would you like to re-invigorate your work with innovative ideas for your working practices, research or teaching?
Do you have problems coming out of your ears but no solutions?
Would you like to be more creative but haven't got time to relax and get into a creative mood when you're at work?

Yes? Well why not come along to this session and learn how to enhance and focus your creative talent.

The session itself will be used to explore a real workplace problem that you choose and by the end of the workshop participants will have both a tool box of creative techniques and ideas for solving their chosen problem.
You'll find that if you apply the tools you learn in the session to both work and home that inspiration starts flooding to you for creative solutions to life's challenges.
You'll amaze yourself with the wide range of ideas you can generate by using a focused approach to creativity.

Aim: To introduce a variety of techniques that can be used to generate a range of creative solutions to problems.

Objectives: This session will help participants to:
• Focus on and analyse your individual real workplace problem.
• Use a wide range of tools to help increase and improve your creativity
• Re-invigorate their work with innovative ideas.

You can use the creativity tools you'll learn to generate innovative ideas for anything including research, teaching, filing methods, more effective meetings, office procedures etc.

“Structured ways to tackle tricky problems”
“It’s OK to be unoriginal in being creative!”
“The whole structure was excellent”


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