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Creative Icebreakers and Games

To get a successful icebreaker or game you must first have an objective and then choose the exercise to fit that and often make creative changes to make it suitable for your teaching group.
A range of icebreakers and games will be considered and you will be able adapt some to your own specialist area. Icebreakers or games can help you and your group get to know each other better and have fun whilst learning.

To introduce a range of games and icebreakers that can be used in a variety of teaching situations.

Objectives: This session will help participants to:
• Consider the reasons and objectives for using icebreakers and games;
• Practise frame games that they can add their own content to;
• Experiment with different styles of icebreakers and games;
• Adapt some of the exercises to suit their specialist subject.

“It was great to create something I could use with my students”


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