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Improve your Memory

What did I come up here to get?
What was that list of things I had to get done?
Who is this person I'm talking to and when did I meet them?
Need help with your memory?

A range of tools will be introduced to help you improve your memory. For most people the problem is not remembering something, it is inputting the information initially.
We need to pay attention to details and connect them to other information already stored to make it readily accessible.

The session will give people practise with using a range of simple mnemonic techniques, many of which were developed 2000 years ago when the Romans used them to help remember their speeches.

A brief introduction to theories of how and why people remember and forget will be given.
Most of the session will focus on practical techniques to help improve your memory.

Aim: To introduce and practise a range of techniques to help reinforce memories that you need to store and recall.

This session will help participants to:
• Understand the causes of forgetting;
• Improve recall of information you want to remember;
• Introduce and practise mnemonic techniques including association of an idea with a location, the use of the imagination to develop links and stories and substitute words and phrases for foreign words and names;
• Help remember names and match them to people.

“I found the techniques very useful,
in particular I’m going to practise memorising names and faces”
“Easy supportive atmosphere that made this fun and helpful“


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