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Getting your message across in short communications –
improving your emails, memos and letters

People have huge numbers of emails and letters arriving on their desk everyday. How do you ensure that your message makes an impact and conveys the ideas clearly?

Aim: To improve short written communications.

Objectives: This session will help participants to:
• Consider appropriate starts, titles and ends;
• Create a clear and logical order using a hierarchy of ideas (see the diagram below);
• Consider good and poor styles for business writing;
• Increase clarity;
• Edit by re-phrasing rather than deleting;
• Follow the 7 Cs – a short communication should be
• Clear
• Concise
• Correct
• Courteous
• Conversational
• Convincing
• Complete
• Design templates for their communications

“I’ll going to put more thought into messages before I start writing”


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