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Speed Reading for Business

Free speed reading test

Resources for participants at facilitated courses

What would you do with 17 extra days a year?
If you only read for 5 hours a week this is the time you could save by learning to speed read.

When did you last learn a new technique to improve your reading?
What could you do with the extra time if you doubled or tripled your reading speed?
Take some time to learn new techniques and improve your efficiency.

This session introduces some easy techniques for quickly increasing your reading speed. Most people double or triple their reading speed in the workshop, some have even quadrupled their reading speed.

Follow up exercises to help improve further after the session are included in the handout.

To be most effective it is important that participants all bring along some of their normal work related reading material, such as papers, minutes, reports etc totalling about 10 pages. It is also helpful if participants bring a fiction book they’ve read and a non-fiction book that they would love to read but haven’t had time.

Aim: To increase your reading speed and improve your decisions on which reading material is important.

Objectives: This session will help participants to:

  • Measure your initial reading speed;
  • Consider how you read and what limits your current reading speed;
  • Consider how to approach paper based and electronic reading material;
  • Learn and practise a range of techniques for speed reading;
  • Learn how to set objectives and preview a document that will help you to decide which parts are most important.

“Excellent and would recommend to colleagues”
“Unbelievable - but it really works”

Graphs from Inspirachange training courses over the past few months.
The average increase was 272%.

(There were also 3 exceptional speeds of 1650, 2233 and 2690
words per minute!

Recommended resources:

Speed Reading, Tony Buzan, BBc Consumer Publishing
This book is an excellently laid out workbook with comprehension exercises

Breakthrough Rapid reading, Peter Kump, Prentice Hall
This is a great book of exercises and techniques
A few easy methods.
Instructions on how to read faster
Links to other speed reading sites

Super Reading Secrets, Howard Berg, Little Brown and company
Photoreading Whole Mind System, Howard Berg, Learning Strategies Corporation
A different approach to most of the books and may not suit everyone
Power Reading, Rick Ostrov, The Education Press

(Please note these are provided in good faith, we have no control over the content of external web sites.)



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