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Enhance your Written Communication

Whats’ the write whey to right?
How many times does an important decision depend on how well a document is written?
Would you like to improve your written communication?

Aim: To improve your written communication.

Objectives: This session will help participants to:
• Consider their writing from the perspective of the reader;
• Write objectives for their written communications;
• Create a clear and logical order using a hierarchy of ideas;
• Design templates for their documents;
• Consider good and poor styles for business writing;
• Increase clarity;
• Edit by re-phrasing rather than deleting;
• Get to grips with punctuation and grammar;
• Gain ideas on better proofreading;
• Take an overview of the final written product.

Note: This course can be tailored to the requirements of your staff and can focus on grammar and writing style or structures of written communication. It can form part of a longer workshop which includes other forms of communication.

“This will help me to structure my reports much more clearly”


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