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Speed reading
Presentation Skills



Speed reading
A few easy methods.
Instructions on how to read faster
Links to other speed reading sites

Speed Reading, Tony Buzan, BBc Consumer Publishing
This book is an excellently laid out workbook with comprehension exercises

Breakthrough Rapid reading, Peter Kump, Prentice Hall
This is a great book of exercises and techniques
Super Reading Secrets, Howard Berg, Little Brown and company
Photoreading Whole Mind System, Howard Berg, Learning Strategies Corporation
A different approach to most of the books and may not suit everyone
Power Reading, Rick Ostrov, The Education Press

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Improve your Memory
A very good series of tutorials to teach some basic methods of improving memory
An in depth description of memory improvement

Use Your Memory, Tony Buzan, BBC Consumer Publishing
Learn to Remember: Transform your Memory Skills, Dominic O'Brien and Mandy Pritty, Duncan Baird Publishers.

Your memory, how it works and how to improve it, Kenneth Higbee, Marlowe and Company
This has a good background of both theory and techniques

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How to Mind Map - the Ultimate Tool that will change you life, Tony Buzan, Harper Collins
Your memory, how it works and how to improve it, Kenneth Higbee, Marlowe and Company
CQ: Boost your Creative intelligence, Powerful Ways to Improve your Creativity Quotient, Harry Alder, Kogan Page
Thinkertoys, Michael Michalo, Ten Speed Press
The best book on creativity that I've found

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Presentation Skills
Presentation skills from a management course at the University of Edinburgh

High-Impact Presentation and Training Skills, Hendricks W, Holliday M, Mobley R, & Steinbrecher K National Press Publications
Effective Presentations - How to create and deliver a winning presentation, Anthony Jay and Ros Jay, Financial Times Management, London
Successful Presentation Skills, Andrew Bradbury, Kogan Page

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The Pocketbook of Icebreakers, Alan Evans and Paul Tizzard, Management Pocketbooks

The big book of Icebreakers, Edie West, McGraw-Hill
This is part of a series of similar books all the rest are called the Big Book of ... Games,

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These resources are provided in good faith to help you develop yourself and Inspirachange has no control over the content of other companies websites.

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